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Website rules.

Post  Crottster on Tue May 05, 2009 1:58 pm

Basic forum rules:

1.No spamming, including major off-topic, double-posting, all around.
Result: Warn, deleted/edited posts

2.No flaming, calling people bad names, insulting of any kind in the forum. Valid for every group.
Result: Warn, deleted/edited posts, after 5 warns, temporary ban. After 10, permanent ban.

3.No posting or discussing warez, pornographic material and stuff like that. You can post something like a picture you drew but you must warn for it's adult content, if there is ANY.
Result: Deleted/edited posts, instant temporary ban.

4.Please write your posts in plain understandable English
Things like "lol i cant use flash plz hepl lool i watn to maek col anymations". You'll just look like a 9 year old idiot and nobody will understand what you're trying to say. So if you don't like being hated and ignored, use understandable English.
Result: Possible warn and locked topic.

5.Posting a topic must be done at the respective forum, if you're not in a hurry to post the topic, check if you're doing that in the CORRECT SUB-FORUM.
Result: Moved/locked topic, possible warn.

6.Moderators are not allowed to decrease their own warn level, they usually don't get warned but everybody makes mistakes.

7.Claiming/pretending to be another member.
Result: Warn or ban.

8.Rebelling and doing "heroic" actions against moderators/administrators is not well received, since all we're doing is enforcing the rules.
Result: Warn or ban.

9.Creating more than one account, no matter if different IP or email. There won't be any excuse for that and you're most likely to get banned right away.
Result: Warn, account ban.

10.Letting other people use your account is NOT okay.
Result: Warn, possible ban.

11.No page stretching, large images (in signatures or posts) or too much text without spacing stretch the pages, resize your images or use links if they're too big.
Result: Edited post, possible warn

12.No stupid topic names, just as how we don't like stupid posts like just "lol" or "ok", topics named "lol", "wtf", "omg" and similar lame words that don't actually explain what's the topic about are NOT welcome.
Result: Possible warn.

13. No repeated name change requests, when we've had 3 requests in a month for a name change, you can see how this is beginning to annoy us, why choose a username that you hate? It's a waste of the admin's time we have more important things to do on the forums and we all have lives.
Result: Deleted topic/post, request will not be carried out.

14. Signatures must be under 700 characters. Even if it's pictures, because if it's more than 700 characters we can't alter your rank or status. Signature images also must not exceed 500 x 300, around this size:Posted Image Also, keep to ONE IMAGE PER SIG. Spoilers for other images are OK, but if the overall sig size gets too large with spoilers and additional text it will be removed.

Result: Deletion of signature.

15. Collaborations are limited to 1 at a time. New collaborations must be postponed until the previous one is complete or (canceled by the collaborator). Official collabs (ones started by Tisfat Staff) are made top priority over others and must be completed before another one begins.

Result: Starting a new collab before the previous one is complete will result in the closure/deletion of your topic.

16. No brightly coloured text Like yellow, bright blue, etc, darker coloured text is fine but bright text is annoying and abhorrent to the eyes.

17. No more than one topic in the battle arena This is getting ridiculous, most of certain people's post counts come from battle arena characters, characters that have never and will never be challenged. You can post multiple characters in one topic, but you are only allowed one topic each.

18. Cannot request for an upgrade until 3 new movies are made unless you've just joined and automatically deserve a rank up. We want your animation to tell us the rank and not you! However, if you are of a certain standard on a non-request movie, you'll be ranked up anyway, requesting is totally pointless.

These rules are not entirely strict nor tough to follow. They are obvious and should be easy to follow.

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