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Post  tommie on Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:59 pm

Hi everybody! I am seeing this forum is not active.

I can help you guys with that!!
(no I`m not from your school Razz)

Okay so here are a few things:

first: Make it a forum for everybody, not just for people from woodleigh, if you know each other just go meet outside! don`t close the option from the massive amount of people that animate and aren`t from woodleigh!!

second: Change t he design!! I would go for an extreemely different design!
PhpBB3 design is very outstanding, yet confusing and hard to get used to, thats hard for newcomers. Sad
One of the best free forums services was, but
There was a catastrophic error during server upgrade attempt on March 19, and the database and backups were lost.
anyhow, PhpBB3 is acceptable since the forum creators has not alot of better places to go to.

third: better domain, its too long and if you listen to me and actually take my advice, I have a cool suggestion for you.

I have created a forum for you.

And the admins, Crottster and Rybesy, if you will want, you will get a complete admin rank there, with all the control abilities.

Why am I doing this? Basically because I need people who are really good in animation to run the forum properly.
I will take care for all of the other stuff with my experience.

Take a look, tell me what you think.

If your not into it, you are free to delete this message.

Thanks, Tom.


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